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Outside My Window
I Won't Forget You

“Outside My Window” is the recently released follow-up album to Arnie’s 2008 debut album, “I Won’t Forget You”.  Arnie says of both albums “The major differences between the albums is the sound and the nature of the compositions that appear on each one.  In the case of ‘I Won’t Forget You’, most of the musicians were old-time rockers, who came into the studio to overdub their tracks, one by one; so the songs on the album took on a kind of rock quality and studio sound to them.   The compositions also had more of an ‘edge’, and may appeal to a younger audience as a result.”

The songs on “Outside My Window” are more traditional and mature sounding, quite possibly because the musicians who played on it were professional session musicians who were trained to play “across the various musical genres”. 

As for the recording process, Arnie notes, “During the recording of ‘Outside My Window’, all of the musicians played and were recorded as an ensemble.  The result was that each song had an immediate, improvisational feel to it, and it sounded like the songs were being performed in an intimate, live setting.”  

The songs themselves demonstrate a broad range of musical influences. “You might say that my writing is old-school and my music interests varied.  I grew up in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, so I got to listen to many different styles of music:  blues, rock, country, folk, and jazz.  I think all of these musical styles, as well as the songwriting of Dylan and Springsteen, have influenced my songs.”  He goes on to say, “I like to mix things up in my music.  I tend to write reflective, introspective lyrics, but by crossing the lines between the various genres I think I keep my listeners interested.  It also keeps me interested as a songwriter.”

What you will hear on both albums are songs that are meant to touch your emotions and move you: songs that protest the ills of society; that speak of love both discovered and lost; that are at the same time playful and serious; that reveal the writer’s (and maybe the listener’s) inner thoughts; that dream and dare to take you to places where you may, or may not, have been before.

When he isn’t writing songs, Arnie is co-owner of Live Oak Media, a children’s media company, which produces and sells word-for-word recordings of children’s books. As producer, he has received three Grammy awards, Audie Awards, and numerous American Library Association Notable Children’s Recordings.

He began his career in audio publishing as a sound editor and engineer. He later went to work for an independently owned children’s audio publisher and in 1997, he and his wife Debra purchased Live Oak Media, which they continue to run together today. Maintaining a stellar backlist of over 400 titles, he produces over 20 recordings of children’s books annually --

His family is his inspiration, and he is tremendously proud of his three creative, remarkable, impassioned children, Erin, Jake and Ivy Rose. He continues to write songs from his home in the beautiful Hudson Valley.